About Reclaimed by SW


Welcome to Reclaimed by SW

Founded by Susan Webster in Dublin Ireland, her idea that strong functional pieces can not only  be used again, but given a new lease of life. Working in the fashion industry Susan wanted to bring fashion to furniture, Susan blends her passion for art, design, fabrics and general music and culture into each piece, celebrating the personality of her furniture rescues. 

Each piece has a history, a story to tell and Susan believes we should invest in a piece from the past, supporting our environment by reducing landfill, look to pieces already made and not buying new, reducing the need for resources to manufacture new.

Inspiring sustainable furniture for the future by rescuing once loved pieces and giving them life to be loved again. Our home furniture is one of the reasons we love our home and bringing fashion to furniture allows us to enjoy accessorising our homes even more.

Furniture of the past was made to last, a higher quality than the mass-produced pieces of today. Adding or replacing furniture in a new unique way we can reuse and reduce landfill by finding new uses for old furniture. Each piece is unique, carefully selected and restored using the finest care and craft.

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